Mission Statement

Create innovative solutions and resources to enhance the financial and operational performance of our members and drive quality health outcomes for the populations they serve.

Value Proposition

In order to enable the sustainability of our members, Kairos will serve as a central resource and collaborator for our members and be a leading source for proactive advocacy in the marketplace.

Strategic Directions

Leading resource for contracting and performance metrics

Positioning the Organization to be the leading source for contracting support services, research and education for members. Seen as the "go to" resource for quality and performance metrics and benchmarking for internal analysis as well as creating leverage in alternative payment models.

Intentional growth within the member community and beyond

Permeating the membership community more broadly, increasing the breadth and depth of services, elevating its distinction throughout the healthcare community and seeking deliberate expansion into other geographies.

Building a platform for collaboration

Proactively advocating for members in forming strategic relationships between payers and providers in areas such as consumer engagement, emerging clinical models, evidence-based programs, aligned payment incentives and technology opportunities.


Kairos Health Systems serves its members through a collaborative platform designed to improve the member organization's performance, quality initiatives, market position, and financial outcomes. Kairos uses a team approach to identify, assess and develop programs, services, and opportunities for insurance payer contracting and support, data analytics, group purchasing, consulting and professional services.

Our formula for excellence is:

  • Provide excellence in the services we deliver.
  • Deliver outstanding revenue management services and education to our members.
  • Be ahead of the curve regarding shifts and trends affecting our members and the long term care industry.
  • Be viewed as indispensable to our members.
  • Continue to bring on highly respected long term care organizations of high caliber and high quality.

In 2020, Kairos Health Systems joined forces with LeadingAge PA to expand their provider network, collaborate with payers on value-based care initiatives, and enhance service offerings through this affiliation. Combined with LeadingAge PA's mission to lead advocacy and innovation in aging services, we can provide members with more opportunities to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

This affiliation makes us all stronger and together, we provide our members with the very best support and services.

How we started

In 1994, Lutheran Social Services - East Region, Lutheran Social Services of South Central PA, and Tressler Lutheran Services invited other agencies to discuss the need to respond to a rapidly changing health care environment. Five organizations of the Pennsylvania Lutheran Agency Network committed to devote resources to form a committee to pursue a joint venture. These agencies including Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, Lutheran Social Services - East Region, Lutheran Social Services of South Central PA, The Lutheran Home at Topton, and Tressler Lutheran Services initiated a committee to formalize a proposal to address this need.

In June 1995, the Committee submitted its recommendations to five agencies' boards of directors. The group recommended that a taxable entity be created which would initially be capitalized through the purchase of stock by the five agencies. Flexibility of structure, business definition, and direction were emphasized to allow the new venture to position itself effectively in the rapidly changing environment. By October 1, 1995, four of the agencies voted to commit themselves to the creation of Kairos Health Systems.


Kairos Health Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Delaware in November 1995. The Board of Directors was composed of one representative from each of the 4 Class A stockholder agencies. In April of 1996, Kairos began its functional operation.

In its first several months, Kairos received favorable market attention. Relationships were established with the managed care organizations (MCOs). Vendors of health care products, ancillary service, and health care-related services expressed interest in Kairos and lead to the development of the Kairos Group Purchasing Organization.

This interest also prompted Kairos to explore other types of collaborative relationships with consulting groups, research firms, and other alliances. Opportunities were cultivated to allow Kairos to bring the expertise of the system and its stockholders to form the consulting division.

By 2002, Kairos Health System had grown to 19 stockholders and had opened membership to Contracted Members.