Learn about our member services.

As a comprehensive, innovative, high-quality customer focused organization, Kairos Health Systems, Inc. utilizes the size and strength of the membership to benefit its individual members. To accomplish its goals, Kairos collaborates with its members to improve care performance, quality initiatives, market position, and financial outcomes. Kairos uses a team approach to identify, assess and develop programs, services, and opportunities for insurance payer contracting, group purchasing, consulting and professional services.

Insurance Payer Contracting and Reimbursement Support

Kairos evaluates and recommends best practices for each of its members' payer contracts. Each contract is individually analyzed against costs, trends, and utilization to assure the best possible deal for its members. In addition to contracting, Kairos provides reimbursement support, claims recovery, resource tools, regulation and policy research, credentialing, and education to improve its members' financial outcomes.

Data Analytics

Kairos provides analytics to help members understand their market trends, partner opportunities and to develop risk strategies. Kairos data resources present quality measures, readmissions, costs, and more. These tools are effective in helping to develop solutions for your organization.

Network Development

Kairos provides support for developing and implementing the strategy and process to continually assess, market to, promote member partnerships in the marketplace, create admission and reimbursement opportunities and improve quality for Kairos members. Kairos develops methods to enhance Kairos members' position within the healthcare environment and create positive outcomes for members. Kairos advocates for members in forming strategic relationships with payers and network providers in areas such as evidence-based programs, clinical models, aligned payment incentives and other opportunities.

Group Purchasing

Kairos actively develops strategic relationships with suppliers and providers. Through research, requests for proposal (RFPs) and member surveys, the Kairos Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) continually evaluates a vendor's ability to provide comprehensive products, services, and programs to Kairos members at significant savings. With its unique hands on approach, Kairos assures that the costs and structures of these services and programs address the changing reimbursement environment to reduce the risk to Kairos members.

The Consulting Division

EXPERTLINKS is the consulting division through which Kairos provides leadership consultation and training, state-of-the-art health care delivery practices, and strategy formulation. EXPERTLINKS draws from trained leaders and associates to provide services to both members and other healthcare organizations.

The Kairos Member Website

Kairos members have access to a secure website which offers information, resources, tools, and an interactive member forum. The website was developed to help improve our facilities' staff efficiencies, enhance their understanding of insurance coverage and billing, and provide increased knowledge of Kairos services.